​United Fab Incorporated¬† ​est . 1995
  1. Shipping and Storage Solutions
    United Fab Incorporated has repaired and manufactured containers used for the synthetic rubber industry.
    From the food packing industry , agriculture , military, freight , United Fab Inc., is able to repair , manufacture and clean containers with environmental guidelines being our first priority . Repairing and recycling is our goal to save on resources that do not need to be used .
  2. Structural
    United Fab can build platforms with any specifications . Aluminum , stainless , steel .
    Any application necessary as needed we can help build to your existing structure . We offer services to cut material only if needed, supply material only if needed.
  3. Pallet Design
    We can manufacture aluminum light weight pallets for your application .
    Aluminum pallets will never rust or corrode and are easily repairable so it is a low cost maintenance. Stackable , reliable, and repairable to keep more resources from being used .

​​​Email: ¬†eric@unitedfabinc.com